The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1

Decorative metalwork lantern

Decorative Front-Door Lantern

From a minute of the Hall Committee dated 2 November 1894, "R.W.M. produced a plan for a proposed front door lamp which he had sketched out to suit the bracket which Br. Kirkwood had presented to the Lodge for the purpose – Br. Kirkwood was thanked for his present. The bracket was obtained from one of the old buildings recently demolished in Old Fleshmarket Close. Dr Dickson's design was approved of and it was remitted to him to have it adjusted and erected above the front door after procuring an estimate of the cost.".

The lantern was first lit by an oil lamp, next by a gas burner and now by an electric light. Originally it was placed centrally immediately above the lintel of the front door. The Finance and Fabric Committee minute of 16 November 1971 states, "The R.W.M. reported that considerable damage to the stonework and the ornamental light bracket at the front of the lodge premises had been done by a passing lorry. The damage was the subject of an insurance claim but it was agreed the light bracket when reinstated should be placed in a higher position above the main entrance.". On 19 September 1972 the committee reported that, "the lamp outside the lodge had been repaired and replaced in position.".

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