The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1

Decorative iron-work grille

The iron-work grille in the staircase was unveiled on 10 February, 1925 by the Most Worshipful Grand Master Mason, the Earl of Stair. It was designed by Thomas McRae and executed by Thomas Bogie.

The grille was presented to the Lodge by its Past Masters, along with the I.P.M. Dr Radford, who was Master in 1924 when the staircase was built. The design incorporates various marks:

1 W. Walker
2 J.L. Officer
3 J.D. Gibson
4 T. Ferguson
5 W.G. Oliver
6 A.E. Miller
7 A. Milne
8 W.S. Wilson
9 D.L.G. Radford
10 T. McCrae

Structural blue curve
Lodge of Edinburgh Crest
Structural bottom blue curve