The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) No. 1

The Lodge of Edinburgh (Mary's Chapel) – Symbolic Diagram

Symbolic Diagram cut into Front Wall

At a committee meeting of 6 October 1893, held in the Lyric Club, "The R.W.M. (Dr Dickson) submitted sketches of a design he had invented, to be put up in stone in front of the Hall, and this was approved of.".

Many marks are incorporated into this diagram: the following key details these.

Lodge Office-Bearers
1 R.W.M. George Dickson
2 I.P.M. G. McDonald
3 D.M. H.B. Kirkwood
4 S.M. J.H. Bell
5 S.W. P.L. Henderson
6 J.W. R. Walker
7 Sec.y J.A. Trevelyan Sturrock
8 Treas. D.M. Lewis
9 S.D. J. Rex
10 J.D. W. Walker
11 Arch. W.H. Grey
12 Builder J. Muirhead
Grand Lodge Office-Bearers
13 G.M.M. Earl of Haddington
14 S.G.W. J. Dalrymple Duncan
15 J.G.W. J. Campbell
16 G.Sec.y D. Murray Lyon
Structural blue curve
Lodge of Edinburgh Crest
Structural bottom blue curve